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5 Reasons Why We're Giving Coffee To Kids

Picture this: your little one sneaking a sip of your morning coffee, eyes wide with curiosity. If you’re like us, you know it’s a common scene in households everywhere. But what if that moment could be more than just fleeting mischief? That’s why we created Kiid Coffee – a functional beverage designed for families to share and enjoy together. We envisioned a ritual that not only delights kids with their own morning joe but also fills crucial nutritional gaps. With Kiid Coffee, you're not just sharing a drink; you're creating a positive bonding experience while fortifying your child's health. Here are 5 reasons why Kiid Coffee is redefining mornings and nourishing growing bodies.

  1. Kids are deficient in vitamins and minerals: It's no secret that many children today are lacking essential nutrients in their diets. The research shows it. From Vitamin D to calcium and iron, deficiencies can have significant implications for their growth and development. Just like our founder’s two broken legs by the age of 6. Kiid Coffee steps in as a solution, offering a fortified beverage packed with 12 essential vitamins and minerals to bridge these nutritional gaps.
  2. Fiber: Dietary fiber is a crucial component of a child's diet, yet it's often overlooked. And if we’re being honest, it’s tough to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies (fiber containing foods). Kiid Coffee doesn't just stop at vitamins and minerals; it also provides a healthy serving of prebiotic fiber, promoting gut health and regularity in kids.
  3. Kids are already drinking coffee from parents: Let's face it – children are curious beings, and they often mimic the habits of their parents. This was the founding idea for Kiid Coffee, because in our own family and we hear from many more families, kids are already stealing sips of their parents' coffee. With coffee being a staple in many households, Kiid Coffee offers a kid-friendly alternative that allows children to partake in the ritual of enjoying a morning beverage alongside their parents.
  4. Coffee has antioxidants: Contrary to popular belief, coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, particularly when paired with cacao. These powerful compounds play a vital role in combating oxidative stress and supporting overall health. And when compared to other drinks on the market, it's a great replacement: In a sea of sugary beverages and artificially flavored concoctions, Kiid Coffee stands out as a healthier option. With zero sugar and organic ingredients, it's a refreshing departure from the norm.
  5. Adults aren't the only ones who like the taste of coffee: Let's not underestimate the sophisticated palates of today's children. Kiid Coffee offers three delicious flavors – Original, Caramel, and Choco'Latte – that cater to kids' taste preferences while providing the familiar warmth and richness of coffee.

So, if you're still wondering whether coffee for kids is a taboo or a stroke of genius, consider the evidence: Kiid Coffee isn't just coffee; it's a functional morning beverage designed to deliver real nutrition to growing bodies. With its myriad health benefits and kid-approved flavors, it's time to rethink what constitutes a suitable beverage for children.

Whether you're searching for answers about the safety of coffee for kids, exploring kids' supplements, or seeking a decaf option for your little ones, Kiid Coffee offers a compelling solution that merges taste, nutrition, and convenience. Join us as we redefine mornings and nourish growing bodies, one cup at a time.

We’re Kiid Coffee and it's our mission to revolutionize children's nutrition. To try Kiid Coffee for yourself and for your family, click here.